Your success is our success. Ensuring we produce the best seed for your farm drives everything we do. Ensuring we bring that seed to you at the best value for you helps drive your success. From our family farm to yours…  Partners Brand Seed wants you to grow!

PARTNERS BRAND Seed Featured Products

PB 5458 – 84-A  

PB 5858-88-A     

PB 6613- 96-A    

PB 7250 -02-A    

PB 7714-07-A-B 



PB 6003-90- NONGMO



PB 640-94          

PB 700-00          

PB 740-04          



PB 1820 – LLGT27

PB 2320 – LLGT27

PB 2820 – LLGT27

PB 3120 – LLGT27

PB 2020E3

PB 2420E3

PB 2920E3

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